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A charitable trust that provides affordable professional counselling to the community.

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Petersgate Counselling Centre

Affordable Professional Counselling

Petersgate Counselling Centre is a charitable trust that was established in 1996 to make professional counselling affordable to everyone.

How we can help

Depression, Anxiety, Relationship, Anger, Grief, Self-esteem and Stress

People are provided with practical and motivational supports that enable them develop the skills they need to move on, thrive and improve the quality of their lives.

From our years of experience, we know that every individual's journey to a life of meaning and purpose is a very personal one, which is why we are committed to helping each individual achieve their own unique goals. Our counselling is delivered in ways that are flexible and offer genuine choice and control.

Our counsellors help these people achieve positive change in their lives by supporting them to develop their own insight into their problems and then empowering people by giving them the skills to lead happier and more fulfilling lives and to participate more fully in their communities.

This then:

  • Lowers psychological defenses and emotional flooding
  • Increases self-esteem and motivation
  • Improves mood states, confidence, relationships and focus at work
  • Introduces a more balanced lifestyle
  • Develops a positive attitude

How we helped

Thank you very much for providing such excellent counselling services on both occasions. 

Best, J


My sincere thanks for very good support and guidance through my recent challenges. My counsellor’s very relaxed, honest and direct style was just what I needed. Thank you to the facility and Trust also for just being there for those who need some help. Much appreciated.

Petersgate Presentation at St Peter's Church Service

When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.  Fred Rogers

Latest News & Blog Posts

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20 Sep 2023
Blog Posts

Counselling is not a luxury

Here at Petersgate Counselling Centre we hear many different excuses for why clients cancel their appointments.

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04 May 2023
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Are you stressed?

Are you feeling irritable or moody, forgetting little things, and feeling overwhelmed and isolated? Don't worry. We've all been there. You're probably just stressed out.

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19 Jul 2022
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Mike Baker Explains Social Anxiety Disorder

What is Social Anxiety Disorder and how you can get help

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18 Jan 2022
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This year I have decided to make a New Year’s resolution that I am certain to keep

This is because my resolution is NOT to make a New Year’s resolution. 

Here’s my logic. 

After two years of our fr…

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12 Dec 2021
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Poor sleep affects your mind and energy

Sleep, both its quantity and its quality, can affect your mental health.

Recent surveys have found that more than one-third of New Zealand adults are unable to consistently get…

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05 Sep 2021
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Building Self-esteem

Everyone wants to have high self-esteem — but attaining it can often be very difficult. 

Part of the problem is that our self-esteem is rather unstable to begin with, as…

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