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Gratitude 101

Gray Crawford
Gratitude 101

Did you know that practicing gratitude everyday enhances brain function and can even help prolong your life?

This is because when you focus on gratitude it helps calm down your limbic area of your brain while enhancing the judgment centers.

As a result people who express gratitude on a regular basis are therefore healthier, more optimistic, make better progress toward their goals, have a greater sense of well-being and are more helpful to others.

Here are 4 practical steps to bring gratitude into your everyday life.

1. Take regular timeouts

We all need time to recharge our batteries and self-care is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Taking the time to reflect on what you’re grateful for can help you reduce stress and improve your mood.

2. Write It down

One of the best ways to remain grateful is to, every day, write down five things you’re thankful for.

Keeping a journal can be an enjoyable hobby as well as a great way to unwind after a stressful day. When you focus on what you love, your brain works better and you’ll feel better. You should then notice a significant increase in your level of happiness in a short period of time.

3. Play relaxing music

It’s no surprise that listening to music can increase pleasurable feelings, improve mood, boost energy, raise dopamine levels and help with focus and concentration. Listening to music can enhance mood, motivation, and inspiration.

4. Put other people first

Multiple research studies have indicated that spending too much time posting content on social media can lead to stress, sleeping disorders, anxiety and depression. On the flipside, spending time with positive people can have a dramatic impact on your health and habits. Be grateful for family, friends and other caring people in your life.

Gray Crawford

Business Manager