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Cookies statement

What are cookies?

If you visit Petersgates website ( we use cookies.

Cookies are small text files, which we store on your computer, phone or tablet. Information about your visit to our website is stored in these files. We always place these cookies in accordance with the current legislation and regulations on personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation and the Telecommunications Act. Since we may change the content on our website and of the Cookie Statement at any time, we recommend that you check these on a regular basis. This Cookie statement dates from January 2021.

Why does Petersgate use cookies?

We use several kind of cookies for the following purposes:

Functional cookies: to make our website work properly;

Analytical cookies: to analyze the use of our website;

Functional cookies

We always place functional cookies. These are necessary for the website to work properly. Your consent is not required for these cookies, as the purpose of these cookies is to improve the performance of the website. For example, we may use these cookies to store your login details or your language preferences. In addition, we use these cookies to ensure that you not always have to provide the same information whenever you visit our website. These cookies are therefore placed by default and will not be deleted if you do not accept the cookies.

Analytical cookies:  

We use analytical cookies to analyze how visitors use our website. This information gives us the opportunity to improve our services, products and information. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the performance of the website. We use these cookies to store the following information (this list is not exhaustive):

The amount of time you spend on our website;

The type of device you are using (PC/laptop, phone or tablet);

The type of web browser you are using;

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