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Personal Growth

Gray Crawford
Personal Growth

Personal growth is real. I know the term is a bit vague and hard to pin down but for me it means the intangible process that people go through to either survive or thrive, even flourish. It's what happens to people who used to be unhappy in dead-end jobs but then change and are now doing what they love. It's the elusive factor that helps people finally walk away from bad relationships, embrace a new spiritual path or find a new passion. It's something we all want, even if we don't always know what to call it or how to get it.

Part of what is vague about personal growth is that it's different for everyone. Sometimes personal growth comes from learning a new skill or a new philosophy. Sometimes it comes from developing more courage or self-confidence. Sometimes, it comes from uncovering an entirely new sense of self, or just from shedding the doubts that kept them from being who they really are.

While the process of personal growth cannot be measured, the results are nearly always a measurable change in how people live their lives. It can manifest itself simply as finding a new hobby or as extravagantly as quitting a stressful job and doing something that they’d never done before.

Despite all these differences there is one common thread in all personal growth journeys: self-discovery.

At Petersgate Counselling Centre our counsellors can help you in this journey of self-knowledge. They can help you find the lost parts of your soul. They can help you scare the monsters from under your bed and give you the tools to defeat them. They can then guide you step by step in discovering your true desires, your passions and your dreams.